Pre & Post-Natal

During and after pregnancy your body goes through many changes – both hormonal and physical. 1 on 1 Pilates offers Prenatal and postnatal Pilates which targets legs, arms and glutes, omitting any core work that could be dangerous for the baby or you.

While pregnant the muscles in the body shift and stretch to make room for the new life inside you. The abdominal walls will loosen and will no longer provide as much support in providing core strength. The back will come into play to compensate for the shift but also has to work harder to support the weight you gain in your belly and breasts. With regular and gentle exercise you can strengthen the muscles which become your support system during pregnancy –reducing the possibility of injury and strain on the mother to be.

After your baby is born then comes the task of readjust and strengthening the muscles which were shifted to accommodate the birth and steadily loose the excess weight you have gained. Postnatal Pilates also help hormonally as working out produces endorphins which combat the feelings of depression some new mothers acquire.

If you are coming into the studio for a post natal treatment, 1on 1 will make accommodations to have your child in the room with you. Please mention that you will be bringing the child when you schedule a session.