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1 on 1?

People often ask why choose a private or semi-private Pilates course? There are lots of reasons but the 2 most important ones are:

Flexible schedule: Instruction can take place either in the studio or in your home. Trying to find the time and motivation for a proper workout can be difficult while trying to maintain a career, family life and social life. 1 on 1 Pilates offers the people of the greater Montreal area a fitness service which works around their schedule.

Personalized regimen: Working towards the precise goals of your body. Every body is different; age, build, activity level and body functionality all play a role in accessing the right program for you. Traditional group courses are not conducive for unique personalized goals to be set. With 1 on 1 Pilates you can have a focused goal towards: improving cardio, removing belly fat, enhancing balance and energy, rehabilitating an injury, increase muscle tone, strengthen the back and much more.

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